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Dear friends, welcome to the newly updated Krassimira Yontcheva’s website!

More about me: 

I am a graduate historian, a practicing teacher of history and an author of historical essays, textbooks and educational materials. My interest is primarily focused on the studies of Bulgarian history, as well as the history of the Balkans, and particularly on the cultural succession of the Antiquity into the Middle Ages in our lands.

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My historical novel "Redemption"has already been launched on the book market. It tells about the time of The First Bulgarian Kingdom, about the reign of khan Omortag and the merited place Bulgarians have earned in the history of Medieval Europe.

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The Novel has been Presented in

"Breakfast on the Grass", BNR, anchorperson Svetlana Dicheva - March, 2006.
"Standart" Newspaper, Regular Column "Books" - May, 2006.
"Vassa is with You", BBT - May, 2006.
"My Day", BNT - July, 2006.
"CHANCE Express" Newspaper, the region of Vratsa - Sept. 2006.
"Night Horizon", BNR, anchorperson  Zora Neikova - Oct. 2006.

An upcoming novel, "Rezus, the child of Apollo"

More about the book