My Travels

 To my sister, Evelina Yontcheva, I owe the exceptional delight of doing trips abroad. I feel that have been endowed with my passion for traveling by birth, and I will treasure it for good…
My touch with the cultural heritage of the European countries I visited confirmed my conviction that every place and every person on our planet is equally worth appreciating.
In the same time, it is an intrinsic characteristic of humanity for one to be able to present their ancestors’ heritage, and with dignity at that.

It is my firm belief that English, French, Swiss, Italians, Finns and Greeks should be praised for their success in organizing attractive exhibitions, thus winning devoted admirers. Romanians and Estonians are also making progress in this. I strongly believe that my students’ generations will do the same in Bulgaria!...because our efforts to achieve it have not proved to be successful enough so far!
The exquisite albums from the places I have visited are my dear memories of the journeys. They comfort me when I am sad or tired. I am also happy to share this pleasure with my friends and students. I love taking pictures of the places I have been to, but I do not like to be in the pictures myself. That is the reason why I chose to upload here a selection of pictures, which I consider comparatively good.


   Paris, 1994

On the terrace of a building from the end of XIX century in the prestigious XVI district, some minutes before I set off for the Easter Service at the Bulgarian Church.

   Geneva, 1997

I fell in love with the Geneva lake! It was only until I saw the Ohrid one!

      Budapest, 1999

One of the terraces in the medieval part of the Imperial Palace where the exposition of the Historical Museum is being housed at the moment. At the beginning of ІХ century, not far from this place, the Bulgarians built a fortification for their north-western frontier.
A picture with a falcon – an attraction at a Palace near Budapest. It turned out that except for the glove, it was safer to wear my sunglasses as well. I will never forget the falcon’s eyes!

       Helsinki, 2000

A warm and sunny day in early spring – a simple reason for joy and happiness!


Талин 2000г.

My sister and I are having a rest at the roofs of the Old City. The historical park Medieval Tallinn is not only in the UNESCO list,  but in my list of favourite places as well!
The Baltic sea. It seems to be the younger brother of our Black sea. Its blue colour is lighter, it is calmer, less salty, and… less passionate!
I do not like being photographed, but I adore taking pictures of the places I have been to. I have a soft spot for the sunsets and above the Baltic sea, they are exceptionally impressive!

   Corinth, 2004

I have just surmounted the last height at the enormous Akrokorint Fortress. It is in Greece where you appreciate the advantages of the bird’s eye view – it reveals the magnificence of the sight.


   Turin, 2005

Descending from the “Saint Michel” Monastery. The Italians have no doubts about the fact that the events from Umberto Eco’s “The Name of the Rose” happened here. I had the feeling of making a pilgrimage, that is why in the picture I am holding tight to the precious bag with the album that will bring me back to this magical place, again and again.


Lago di Komo, 2005

In the park of the famous Vila d’Este. Here, as everywhere in Italy, one feels that the border between the past, the present and eternity is a matter of relativity!...almost intangible!

 Venice, 2006

On the terrace of "San Marco", various roads, tempests and ages come together...As in ancient times in Constntinopol...