Specialized Tests and Activities in History for final exams and entry university exams.

”Dr. Ivan Bogorov” Publishing Huse, 2004.
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A scientific editor of the educational manual is Daniel Vatchkov. He is a scientific associate professor at the History department of the Bulgarian Association of Science and a teacher at the National High school of Ancient Languages and Cultures. He has specialized at the European University Centre in Nance /France/.
He has been conducting researches in the sphere of Bulgarian Economic History after the Liberation.
Mr. Vatchkov, PhD, is a member of the team who worked on the textbook for IX grade, “Anubis” Publishing House. He is also an author of many scientific papers and articles.

Some of his most important publications are in:

Personalities of the Third Bulgarian Kingdom, Anubis Publishing house
A History of Bulgaria, vol. IX /series of BAS/
A History of the Bulgarian External Debt 1878-1994.
The World and Bulgaria 1900-2003г. Encyclopedic dictionary.
A textbook in History for ІХ grade (I and II part)
 “Anubis” Publishing house, 2001.