I started my teaching career in 1994 at 55“Petko Karavelov” school in Sofia after consideration of my documents and an interview with the principals. In 1995, I became a part-time teacher at “Antoine de Saint Exupery” Private school.
    Since 1999 I have been a full-time teacher at “Roerich” Private school.
    “Roerich” is a  private primary, secondary and high school with early language education and extra education of music and art.

The Anthem of “Roerich” school
/written by the students from the first years/
There is something that always remains
And never leaves you.
School is what
stays hidden deep inside the heart.
Our school – a house of stars.
Our school – a smile of delights.
The mountain here we draw,
Colours from the clouds do flow!
A nightingale master on the bough
leads the music score.
Into fractions and rates, the leaves grow
English is the flowers whisper.
In French the sun does glow.
Blessed we are with the earths’ might.
A pearl of magic we treasure,
Roerich’ kids ultimate pleasure!


       A favourite activity of our students is the educational excursions to the places of our historical pride. 

   In the church of Kladnishki monastery /in the vicinity of Sofia/ exploring the interior of the Orthodox temple. Deeply impressed by their touch with the holy monument of the Bulgarian spirit, the students decided to help the cloister with an action of charity /2003/.  

   St. Dimitar’s day, 2001. Visit to the Etar and Sokolovsky Monastery. The students re-created the embracing beauty into pictures and drawings.

I accompanied them with the following text:
The morn – cool, vaguely enticing.
The sky – favourably quiet, with unexpected  sunny smiles.
The earth – delightful in the divine folds of firy colours
We – voracious to observe. Captives of the magic called “Way”.
Saint Dimitar inspired our carving to live with the beauty of the country.
We endow him with the touched pieces of Eternity!